Session 1 Main track (AI Security)
Vulnerability of Privacy Visor Used to Disrupt Unauthorized Face Recognition
Author: Hiroaki Kikuchi, Kazuki Eto, Kazushi Waki and Takafumi Mori
This paper introduced how to use facial recognition to recognize faces under privacy visors.
Privacy visor is an eye mask, which can prevent faces from detected by face recognition
algorithms. In their experiment, the detection rate is 42.28% on average.

Session 2 Main Track (Blockchain)
On the Security of Permissionless Blockchain Systems: Challenges and Research Perspective
Author: Hao Wang, Chunpeng Ge and Zhe Liu
In this research, they analyse blockchain vulnerability from three aspects: system deficiency, mining, and network-level. They start from the DAO event and the 51% attack. They also introduce many types of mining attacks and related researches. This is a very broad
survey paper.

Session 3 Main Track (Crypto application in Privacy)
Privacy-Preserving Range Query for High-dimensional Uncertain Data in A Twoparty Scenario
Author: Shenghao Su, Cheng Guo, Pengxu Tian and Xinyu Tang
In this research, they use Paillier encryption to analyze data without revealing the data
and the query range.The data owner utilize a binary tree index to promote query, which
combines pivot-mapping and Bloom filter.