Participants: Prof. Miyaji, Wang Z (M2 Student), Yasuhisa (M2 Student), Arai (B4 Student), Watanabe (B4 Student).

The WBS-IT-ISEC Joint Study Group Meeting was held online on 2021/03/04-05. The conference was conducted via zoom and EventIn. The number of presentations was fourteen (14) in IT, twenty-two (22) in ISEC, and five (5) in WBS which indicates that security-related research is actively being conducted. In total, six (6) poster presentations were presented in the IT and WBS poster session. Moreover, the invited speaker session was held both for IT and WBS (one speaker in each). The Q&A session provided an opportunity for the participants to ask questions. In spite of the short time, many participants other than the chairperson asked questions. The Q&A session was conducted via Zoom not using slack.