The 190th DPS & 96th CSEC Joint Research and Presentation

Atsuko Miyaji, Yuki Takano, Tian Yangguang, Kohei Hosoya (M2), Yusen Wang (M1), Koki Matsubara (M1), Yoshitaka Nagao (M1), Tomoka Takahashi (M1), Yuya Okubo (M1), Tatsuhiro Yamatsuki (B4), Tomoaki Mimoto (D3)

Dates: March 10-11, 2022
Venue: Held online
The 190th DPS/96th CSEC Joint Research and Presentation Meeting was held entirely online. Each participant presented and listened to presentations via ZOOM. Each presenter gave a 15-minute presentation, followed by 5 minutes to answer questions.

This joint research presentation was divided into the following areas:.
Session 1A: ITS and Sensor Networks
Session 2A: Wireless
Session 3A: Cloud Computing and Edge Computing
Session 4A: IoT and Navigation
Session 5A: Disaster Prevention
Session 6A: DPS Special Issue Award Ceremony for Selected Papers and Applied Systems
Session 7A: Service Support
Session 1B: Attack Detection and Machine Learning Security
Session 2B: System design and implementation
Session 3B: Cryptography
Session 4B: Security Risk Assessment
Session 5B: Secure protocols
Session 6B: Privacy protection, anonymization, and identifiability
Session 7B: Personal Identification