The 84th National Convention of Information Processing Society of Japan was held in a hybrid format at Ehime University's Johoku Campus. I was originally scheduled to attend the conference on site, but since Osaka was designated as one of the target prefectures for preventing the spread of the disease, I attended the conference online.
I participated in an event called "Toward the Realization of Anonymization Technology that Contributes to the Utilization of Healthcare Information - Anonymization Contest PWS Cup 2021" on March 4. At the event, there were presentations on the results of the PWS Cup, a contest for anonymization technologies, explanations of the top teams, and a panel discussion on the background of how anonymization technologies are actually used in the field.
It was very interesting to hear about the methods used by the teams and how they could be used in practice. Of particular interest was the fact that anonymization techniques at the current level of research make it very difficult to utilize data, and that -k anonymization with k=1 is used in actual practice. I think it will be useful for my research activities in the future to hear about such practical applications.