Participants : Tatsuhiro Yamatsuki(M2), He Bingchang(M2)

The Computer Security Symposium 023 (CSS 2023) was held over four days from October 30 to November 2, 2023, in a hybrid format with both in-person (at Acros Fukuoka) and online sessions. The symposium featured concurrent workshops, including MWS, PWS, UWS, OWS, BWS, covering a wide range of topics such as malware prevention, privacy, user-friendly security, security technologies, and blockchain.Discussions on security spanned various perspectives, including technical issues and legal considerations, contributing to the expansion of knowledge in the field. Additionally, active discussions took place on the increasingly prominent topic of artificial intelligence (AI), providing valuable insights for the future development of security measures. Overall, the symposium proved to be a meaningful academic gathering where participants could delve into security matters from diverse angles and glean insights into the ongoing advancements in the field.