Participant:Chen Kaiming(D2)

SciSec 23 Report.
This conference aims to catalyze the research collaborations between the relevant communities and disciplines that can work together to deepen our understanding of, and build a firm foundation for, the emerging Science of Cyber Security.SciSec 23 was held in Melbourne, Australia, during 11-14 July 2023.
There were 31 accepted papers, including 5 short papers and 3 workshop papers.
The topics of SciSec23 were including the network and system security, the AI security, the web and privacy security, Blocktrain, and the cryptography in the cyber security.Keynote: Moti Yung was a scientist in Google, he gave a keynote speech about how to develop a secure ecosystems. Kaitai Liang (Delft University of Technology) gave the talk about the searchable encryption and related attacks. Allen Au (Hong Kong Polytechnic University) had the keynote about the role of cryptography in Blockchains.In session 2 Cryptography and Authentication, we presented our paper "Privacy-enhanced Anonymous and Deniable Post-Quantum X3DH" in session 2. During this presentation, someone was unclear about our proposal. I turned to page 19 and explained the details.