Microsoft Research Asia Academic Day 2019 2019.11.8

Academic conference

SAC 2019 Canada 2019.8.12-16

Participants Prof Miyaji, AProf Okumura, Muroi(M1)
Academic conference SAC 2019 was held at Waterloo University. Summer school was also held at same place. The venue was almost full and an active academic society with almost a few questions in each presentation. Sessions were shared key encryption analysis, post-quantum cryptography analysis, implementation and real-world cryptography(data mining and Bluetooth analysis).

AsiaJCIS 2019 Kobe 2019.8.1-2

Participants Prof Miyaji, Shishido(D2), Miyaji(M2)
Academic conference Originally the host country of next year was Japan, but this year was held in Japan due to the Tokyo Olympics. The event was held at the Kobe University Research Center, about 25 minutes by train from Sannomiya in Kobe. I felt the goodness of Kobe, such as Kobe beef being served at noon on the second day.

ISEC 2019 Kochi 2019.7.23-24

Academic conference

Symposium on Security Infrastructure for Big Data and Applications to Medical and Living Safety Fields Osaka University 2017.3.9-10 (detail information)

Participants All laboratory members
Academic conference Many participants from Japan and other countries gather for a lively exchange of ideas on big data spanning different fields. This is done through presentations of cutting-edge research by specialists in the fields of medicine and community safety, which make use of big data, and the field of security, which is essential for the use of big data.

ISEC 2017 tokyo 2017.3.9-10

Participants Prof.Miyaji, Gavin(M2), Shishido(M1), Kodera(B4),Takano(B4), Morishima(B4)
Academic conference The venue, Tokai University, is an attractive university close to Shinagawa by bus. The first day included many sessions on elliptic-curve cryptography, with many specialized questions. The second day featured protocol and system sessions as well. During these two days, there were 37 presentations and three invited seminars, and approximately 50 to 60 participants visited over both days.

SCIS 2017 okinawa 2017.1.24-37

Participants Prof.Miyaji, Asst.Prof.Su, Specially Appointed Associate Prof.Cheng, Nomaguchi(M2), Shishido(M1), Kouno(B4)
Academic conference Although it was late January, the temperature in Okinawa hovered around 20°C and was very pleasant. The speakers presented many research items concerning cryptography and information security, and the fascinating discussions ranged from theoretical topics to car security and other applications. As Okinawa does not have a strongly developed railway system, the community relied on cars and buses more than expected.

NSS 2016 Taipei 2016.9.28-30

Participants Miyaji, Su

ICSS 2015 Okinawa 2015.3.3-4

Participants Miyaji, Futa, Tanaka, Sato, Kamekawa, Kito, Gavin, Michihiro
Academic conference The host was Meio University, a peaceful institute located near the center of Nago, in the heart of northern Okinawa. During these two days, there were 37 presentations and one invited seminar, and the number of participants were approximately 60 to 70 over both days. The first day's sessions focused on cybersecurity, whereas the two sessions on the second day looked at cybersecurity (following on from the first day), embedded systems and malware analysis, and cryptography, protocols, and authentication. Each venue saw a lively discussion and exchange of ideas.

ProvSec 2014 China 2014.10.8-9

Participants Su
Academic conference ProvSec 2014 was held in Hong Kong on October 8 and 9, 2014, under the auspices of the University of Hong Kong. It received 68 submissions from 20 countries. This is the second-highest number for ProvSec, which was inaugurated in 2007. The papers and presentations dealt with research on proof of security for public-key cryptography and shared-key cryptography. Several also discussed applications of cryptographic theory. Approximately 60 people participated, mainly from Japan and China. There were also participants from France, Switzerland, Estonia, Poland, and other parts of Europe.

WISA 2014 Jejudo, Korea 2014.8.25-27

Participants Miyaji, Itoh
Academic conference WISA 2014 was held at the Ocean Suites Jeju Hotel on Jeju Island, South Korea, from August 25 to 27, 2014. The Ocean Suites Jeju Hotel is located approximately 15 min by taxi from the Jeju International Airport. WISA 2014 accepted 35 papers from 69 submissions, with contents mainly on the topics of malware analysis, mobile security, cryptology, network security, hardware security, and other security for applications. The majority of the participants were from countries where English is not an official language, such as South Korea, China, Japan, and Germany, and we got the impression that the presenters, chairpersons, and questioners all spoke slowly using language that was easy to understand. We felt that this helped spark active discussion and led to a vibrant conference. The banquet also featured a magic show, and, on the whole, the conference atmosphere facilitated communication between researchers from different countries. We thoroughly enjoyed this conference.

ISEC 2014 Tokyo, 2014.5.9

Participants Miyaji,Itoh(M2)
Academic conference ISEC (2014-05) was held on May 9 at the Kikai Shinko Kaikan near Tokyo Tower. There were six general seminars and two invited seminars, and approximately 40 participants visited. Although fewer seminars were presented, the contents reported were varied, extending over public-key cryptography, shared-key cryptography, network security, quantum calculations, and hash functions. Further, the contents were rich and the discussions lively, making this a meaningful conference.

AINA2014 May 13-16, 2014

Participants Miyaji, Mamun
Academic conference AINA 2014 accepted 154 papers from 583 submissions (an acceptance rate of approximately 26%). Unlike the international conferences I had participated in thus far, this conference was attended by many Japanese researchers from universities and other educational institutes and from private companies. The interesting characteristic of this conference is that in all sessions, chairpersons present their own papers at the session that they are chairing. AINA is an IEEE conference, but this surprised the participants and attendees. We also enjoyed the seminar by Shojiro Nishio of Osaka University on humanware (the third type of ware that created the information technology revolution). The venue for this conference was the University of Victoria, which is well known throughout Canada. The weather was fine, and the location was also good, making this a lovely conference venue.