Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) is expected to become an important and ubiquitous infrastructure technology. Like many technologies, low-cost RFID will become pervasive in our dailylives when affixed to everyday consumer items as "smart labels". While yielding great productivity gains, RFID systems may create new threats to the security and privacy of individuals or organizations. Particularly important are ensuring anonymity, semantic security, indistinguishability, forward security, key privacy etc. Low cost implementation is another key RFID requirement.

Elemental tags are the simplest and cheapest ones of the RFID tags family. These tags are not able to perform cryptographic operations and they are built using from 200 to 2000 gates for security purposes. On the other hand, strong privacy is a real need that must be achieved, although public key cryptography the best way to tackle the problem is the most expensive. Previous works with elemental tags are vulnerable to attacks like DoS, swapping, cloning etc.

To guarantee the privacy of the owners of tags, this research will find out efficient scheme which would also deal with the cost issue. In order to make the scheme efficient, the work will be on the basic or elemental tags. That means, the reader will do all the cryptographic calculations. Moreover, this work will address strong definitions and protocols for RFID privacy into more practical and useful.