《Invited lecture》

  • Date : 2019.9.18(Wed)13:30 - 14:30
  • venue:電気系E3棟2階 会議室B


Networked Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems: Challenges and Opportunities


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are aerial robots integrated with sensing, communication, control and computing capabilities. UAVs are expected to be critical components of future smart city and Internet of Things (IOT) networks. Examples of civilian applications include unmanned aerial taxis, emergency response, traffic surveillance, precision agriculture, cargo transport, personal outdoor assistance, sports coverage, land survey, and infrasture health monitoring, each of which represents a substantial market. Existing commercial UAV use is limited to a single UAV. Networked UAV systems are more appealing with enhanced capabilities, whereas they also face significant challenges to practical use, considering various physical limitations at both vehicle and network levels. In this talk, I will discuss a suite of research opportunities to develop practical networked UAV systems. I will then present several of our recent representative research directions, including the design and implementation of a robust UAV networking solution for emergency communication using cyber-physical system co-design perspectives, differential graphical games for the optimal distributed control of multiple UAVs, airspace capacity management, the balancing of on- and off-board operations, and data-driven multi-UAV path planning.