Subject of our research : study on information system

Our research interest is a field of information security, which is covered from theory to application.

Summary of our research field

  • Information security
    In proportion as the information infrastructures be prepared theses days, multifarious systems are becoming to be realized. Information security technology has become to play an important role as a key technology in order for such systems to be established firmly and soundly. Accordingly, we have been working on an information security technology. Specifically, we focus on the cryptography, network or software security including computer viruses, electronic commerce, and criterion of security evaluation. Our results cover from theoretical to practical results such as solutions for efficient implementation
  • International standard
    In order to use technologies on the information security in a real world, international standardizations is indispensable. Conversely, we may find a new theoretical interest during the procedure of international standardizations or international standardizations themselves. We have been paying attention to the recent tendency of international standardization and setting some research themes according as standardizations.

Policy of our lab

  • Bring up one's talent
    Our goal, at the time of graduation, is to develop creativity as well as socializing skill and moreover, be skilled enough to play an active part in the information security. For that purpose, students are to seek problems to be solved and propose a solution to the problem. Discussion lasts intensively in our lab. We also attach great importance to implement a system, in that we believe that a well-balanced skill comes from both a full knowledge of theory and the experiences of implementation. Therefore, the whole staff strives as one and gives full support to students.
  • Preparation of facilities for research activity
    We are generous in preparing facilities in order to maintain a research environment in ideal condition. To say nothing of computer environment and other equipments, we also take into account of surroundings, where members do not suffer from stress.
  • Internationalization
    We are quite positive to participate in international conferences to publish our results. Giving a presentation at international conferences would be a precious experience for students to undergo, and we believe that it could help bring a great deal of confidence and pride throughout a rest of one's life. Making an international relationship may also be a great asset for a student especially who is going to be in employment after graduation
  • Cooperation with Industry
    The aim of the study on Information Security is a fruition of the digitized society system (e.g. electronic cash, electronic election) and addition of a new value (e.g. low cost, various functions), which are not achieved in existing systems. Therefore, our research themes and results have a lot with the Industry. We have original themes and themes from cooperation with industries, and we hold our own research area by proposing a new technology from our original themes to the Industry and upgrading an existing system to meet a modern society with the Industry as we try to collaborate with the Industry.
  • Invited lecture
    For the reason of activation of research activity, we invite researchers from university or research institute or even from overseas and hold a lecture meeting/seminar. Through these meetings, we expect students to be in touch with active researches and broaden their horizons.