Accepted Papers:

Title:Breaking and Fixing Mobile App Authentication with OAuth2.0-based Protocols
Authors:Ronghai Yang, Wing Cheong Lau and Shangcheng Shi
Title:Signature Schemes with Randomized Verification
Authors:Cody Freitag, Rishab Goyal, Susan Hohenberger, Venkata Koppula, Eysa Lee, Tatsuaki Okamoto, Jordan Tran and Brent Waters
Title:Side-Channel Attacks meet Secure Network Protocols
Authors:Alex Biryukov, Daniel Dinu and Yann Le Corre
Title:Almost Optimal Oblivious Transfer from QA-NIZK
Authors:Olivier Blazy, CĂ©line Chevalier and Paul Germouty
Title:Efficiently Obfuscating Re-Encryption Program under DDH Assumption
Authors:Akshayaram Srinivasan and Chandrasekaran Pandu Rangan
Title:Multi-Client Oblivious RAM Secure Against Malicious Servers
Authors:Erik-Oliver Blass, Travis Mayberry and Guevara Noubir
Title:Related-Key Impossible-Differential Attack on Reduced-Round SKINNY
Authors:Ralph Ankele, Subhadeep Banik, Avik Chakraborti, Eik List, Florian Mendel, Siang Meng Sim and Gaoli Wang
Title:An Enhanced Binary Characteristic Set Algorithm And Its Applications to Algebraic Cryptanalysis
Authors:Sze Ling Yeo, Zhen Li, Khoongming Khoo and Yu Bin Low
Title:A Pilot Study of Multiple Password Interference between Text and Map-based Passwords
Authors:Weizhi Meng, Wenjuan Li, Wang Hao Lee, Lijun Jiang and Jianying Zhou
Title:Lattice-based DAPS and Generalizations: Self-Enforcement in Signature Schemes
Authors:Dan Boneh, Sam Kim and Valeria Nikolaenko
Title:More Efficient Construction of Bounded KDM Secure Encryption
Authors:Kaoru Kurosawa and Rie Habuka
Title:Simple Security Definitions for and Constructions of 0-RTT Key Exchange
Authors:Britta Hale, Tibor Jager, Sebastian Lauer and Jorg Schwenk
Title:Adaptive Proofs have Straightline Extractors (in the Random Oracle Model)
Authors:David Bernhard, Ngoc Khanh Nguyen and Bogdan Warinschi
Title:OnionPIR: Effective Protection of Sensitive Metadata in Online Communication Networks
Authors:Daniel Demmler, Marco Holz and Thomas Schneider
Title:A Novel GPU-Based Implementation of the Cube Attack - Preliminary Results Against Trivium
Authors:Marco Cianfriglia, Stefano Guarino, Massimo Bernaschi, Flavio Lombardi and Marco Pedicini
Title:Lights, Camera, Action! Exploring Effects of Visual Distractions on Completion of Security Tasks
Authors:Bruce Berg, Tyler Kaczmarek, Alfred Kobsa and Gene Tsudik
Title:cMix : Mixing with Minimal Real-Time Asymmetric Cryptographic Operations
Authors:David Chaum, Debajyoti Das, Farid Javani, Aniket Kate, Anna Krasnova, Joeri De Ruiter and Alan T. Sherman
Title:Are You Lying: Validating the Time-Location of Outdoor Images
Authors:Xiaopeng Li, Wenyuan Xu, Song Wang and Xianshan Qu
Title:An experimental study of the BDD approach for the search LWE problem
Authors:Rui Xu, Yeo Sze Ling, Kazuhide Fukushima, Tsuyoshi Takagi, Seo Hwajung, Shinsaku Kiyomoto and Henricksen Matt
Title:TOPPSS: Cost-minimal Password-Protected Secret Sharing based on Threshold OPRF
Authors:Stanislaw Jarecki, Aggelos Kiayias, Hugo Krawczyk and Jiayu Xu
Title:Lattice-Based Group Signatures: Achieving Full Dynamicity with Ease
Authors:San Ling, Khoa Nguyen, Huaxiong Wang and Yanhong Xu
Title:A Practical Chosen Message Power Analysis Approach against Ciphers with the Key Whitening Layers
Authors:Chenyang Tu, Lingchen Zhang, Zeyi Liu, Neng Gao and Yuan Ma
Title:Secure and Efficient Pairing at 256-bit Security Level
Authors:Yutaro Kiyomura, Akiko Inoue, Yuto Kawahara, Masaya Yasuda, Tsuyoshi Takagi and Tetsutaro Kobayashi
Title:No Free Charge Theorem: a Covert Channel via USB Charging Cable on Mobile Devices
Authors:Riccardo Spolaor, Laila Abudahi, Veelasha Moonsamy, Mauro Conti and Radha Poovendran
Title:Legacy-Compliant Data Authentication for Industrial Control System Traffic
Authors:John Henry Castellanos, Daniele Antonioli, Nils Ole Tippenhauer and Mart?n Ochoa
Title:Bounds in Various Generalized Settings of the Discrete Logarithm Problem
Authors:Jason Ying and Noboru Kunihiro
Title:Trade-offs for S-boxes: Cryptographic Properties and Side-channel Resilience
Authors:Claude Carlet, Annelie Heuser and Stjepan Picek
Title:Forward-Secure Searchable Encryption on Labeled Bipartite Graphs
Authors:Russell W. F. Lai and Sherman S. M. Chow
Title:SCRAPE: Scalable Randomness Attested by Public Entities
Authors:Ignacio Cascudo and Bernardo M. David
Title:Maliciously Secure Multi-Client ORAM
Authors:Matteo Maffei, Giulio Malavolta, Manuel Reinert and Dominique Schroeder
Title:Sampling From Arbitrary Centered Discrete Gaussians For Lattice-Based Cryptography
Authors:Carlos Aguilar-Melchor, Martin Albrecht and Thomas Ricosset
Title:Legacy-Compliant Data Authentication for Industrial Control System Traffic
Authors:Yi-Ruei Chen and Wen-Guey Tzeng
Title:Accountable Storage
Authors:Giuseppe Ateniese, Michael Goodrich, Vassilios Lekakis, Charalampos Papamanthou, Evripidis Paraskevas and Roberto Tamassia
Title:Faster Secure Multi-Party Computation of AES and DES Using Lookup Tables
Authors:Marcel Keller, Emmanuela Orsini, Dragos Rotaru, Peter Scholl, Eduardo Soria-Vazquez and Srinivas Vivek