Invited Talk

Dr. Karthikeyan Bhargavan
Research Scientist, Inria Paris
(an Inria director of research specialised in the security of data exchanges on the Internet)
Title:Towards High-Assurance Cryptographic Software
Abstract: After a spate of recent high-profile attacks on popular cryptographic protocol libraries like OpenSSL, both developers and researchers are calling for new testing and verification frameworks that can effectively find and prevent such critical flaws in modern cryptographic software. In this talk, we shall investigate the root cause of some recent attacks on the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol and advocate the use of formal verification in both the design and implementation of cryptographic protocols. As examples of this methodology, I will use two ongoing open-source projects that are being developed using the F* programming and verification framework. The first project is HACL*, a verified cryptographic library, and the second project is miTLS, a verified implementation of the TLS protocol.

Speaker:Prof. Doug Tygar
Professor of Computer Science & Information, UC Berkeley